NASA Project on Swept Wing Icing

Projects - NASA Icing

The UVA Fluids Research & Innovation Laboratory is part of nation-wide team of researchers at Boeing (Long Beach and Seattle), NASA Glenn Research Center, University of Illinois and University of Washington that is investigating icing on swept wings. The NASA-led project includes simulations to support experiments to be conducted in the Glenn Research Center Icing Research Tunnel (IRT).  The experiments will test the world’s largest hybrid swept wing airfoil section (over 13 feet long in chord) developed for an icing tunnel.   The primary focus at UVA is the unsteady simulation of these airfoil models as integrated within the IRT.  Detached Eddy Simulation is being performed to capture the complex turbulence structures that RANS approaches fail to resolve when dealing with such massively separated flows. Researchers are investigating the unsteady aerodynamic forces with and without icing shapes. FRIL personnel on this project include: Eric Loth (Principal Investigator), Mr. Cam Butler (Graduate Researcher) and Kelly Thomas (Undergraduate Researcher)


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